The Static CRM Web Widget demo is a simple demo that show cases a generic CRM with the following use cases:

  • Click-to-Dial
  • Click-to-Text (SMS)
  • Inbound Screen-Pop

This demo is located in the static_crm folder.

Installation and Customization

To install this demo, clone the repo and load the file in your browser:

  1. Clone the repo

git clone

  1. Create a RingCentral App

Create an app with the following characteristics:

Property Setting
Platform Type Browser-based
Grant Types Authorization Code or Implicit Grant
Permissions see ringcentral/ringcentral-web-widget
  1. Add your demo PSTN number

Edit the data/characters_data.js file for Jon Snow with your PSTN number in E.164 format.

  1. Add/remote the demo code

At the bottom of the ./static_crm/index.html file, either link or copy and paste in the file in ./static_crm/ringcentral.js, e.g.

<script src="./ringcentral.js"></script>


Click-to-Dial and Click-to-Text

These to capabilities are added automatically to the pages since the links are already provided using the tel and sms URI schemes.

For example:

<a href="tel:+16505550100">Call</a> <a href="tel:+16505550100">Text</a>

Here is the JavaScript code that loads the web widget and attaches it to the tel and sms URI schemes.

// Add the RingCentral Web Widget
(function() {
  var rcs = document.createElement("script");
  rcs.src = "";
  var rcs0 = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];
  rcs0.parentNode.insertBefore(rcs, rcs0);
  if (window.RCAdapter) {

Inbound Screen-Pop

This is performed with the following code in ./ringcentral.js. The code retrieves the from phone number in E.164 format using It then uses the number2id function to retrieve a userId. If present, the window location is changed to that user and the content for that user is loaded.

(function () {
  window.addEventListener('message', function(e) {
    const data =;
    if (data) {
      switch (data.type) {
        case 'rc-call-ring-notify':
          var id = number2id(, number2user);
          if (id) {
            var contact = id2user[id];
            window.title = contact.character.displayName;
            window.history.pushState("", contact.character.displayName, "?id="+id);
            loadSingleUser(id, id2user);